My name is Phil Oleson, and you are visiting my personal web site. I'm a Software Developer employed by Verio (a subsidiary of NTT) in their Platform software development group. It's usually a fun job... though I won't get into that. A little more information about me.. well, I've been on the net since 1991 when I first went to college. I've contributed bits and pieces of code to different projects that had my interest at the time I wrote it. I write code for a MUD I started back in 92ish with an old friend.

What is this Site?

Mainly, what you will find here is some of the things I've found interesting at some point in time. I update these pages quite infrequently (This is the 3rd design since 91/92). However, I do occasionally find time and interest to do something here. Wander around.. but remember some of this stuff is just for me to remember where things are out on the net, and hold no importance to me other than that.