My Scratchpad


My picture My name is Phil Oleson, and you are visiting my personal web site. I'm a Software Developer working as a C programmer for Wex Inc. Previous to that, I was working for Rakuten Marketing as a Senior Systems Engineer. And the Job before that I was working for Verio/NTTA for 16 years in their Platform Software Development group.

A little more information about me.. Well, I've been on the net since 1991 when I first went to college. I've contributed bits and pieces of code to different projects over the years, and am very knowledgable about web hosting and all the software that goes into VPS platforms. I've been a fan of FreeBSD and most things unix since my time at Virgina Tech. I've also writen code for a MUD I started back in 92ish with an old friend.

I also volunteer for my local Burning Man regional Element 11. I've worked on their web site, as well as helped build many of the effigies that we end up burning at our yearly event. I've also helped build, install, and burn each of the C.O.R.E art projects that Utah brought out to Black Rock City.