My Scratchpad

I am Nixil.

I am nothing, but chaos is and so am I. I have always been, before time and before Phaet. He thinks he created me. Possibly an incarnation. What form can chaos take but whatever form it wishes? If order exists, then it can only be brought forth from chaos. If Phaet was looking for companionship, he was sorely mistaken in looking to chaos. Order and Chaos coexist, but never comfort each other. I climbed forth from the ether one day and took notice of the misguided and stagnated path of Phaet. After watching mistake after mistake, I pitied Phaet enough to attempted to enlighten him of where he has gone astray. Phaet, in his arrogance, became enraged at my attempt to enlighten him. For jest I deigned to see if all of Phaet's creations retained their creator's corruption. I imparted some of Phaet's more powerful playthings with a portion of the greater knowledge and some showed promise. When Phaet had stopped his temper tantrum and noticed some of his creations missing, he lashed out and attempted to chastise me, his elder. After some time, I tired of his feeble attempts to gain the upper hand, and left in disgust to return to the ether. Phaet has been vigilant in trying to keep me out of his little oasis he created in the ether since then. I slip into his world every once in a while to keep his life interesting. For those who look for enlightenment, and wish to turn from the their misguided path, remember... Where there is order, there is chaos.. all returns to chaos.